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Painting by Nicholas Watts

The Scalextric P60 model (ref C.051) is a real opportunity for us : in addition to being reasonably correct in its proportions, it offers us the possibility to reproduce two of the most wellknown and famous F1sponsor liveries, i.e. Yardley and Marlboro. In addition to BRM Yardley reliveries shown in our OTHERS - F1 page, let me here suggest to try a Marlboro BRM. There is a wide choice of drivers and events, but being French and an aficionado of our national "Bebel" (Jean-Pierre Beltoise), I've chosen to represent the car driven to victory in the 1972 Monaco GP, run in torrential weather conditions. From a statistics standpoint, this Monaco GP, on May 14, 1972, is remarkable for several reasons :
- First and only one victory in the F1 Champion Ship for Jean-Pierre Beltoise, at the wheel of P160/04
- First GP with cars wearing the red / white Marlboro livery,
- Last ever GP victory for BRM.

This Monaco GP was really a very wet GP, as it poured and poured on race day as never seen before. The Frenchman led the race from the start to the finish line, a very fantastic and courageous drive to score a wonderful victory. He also set the fastest lap on his way and out-paced acknowledged wet weather maestro Jacky Ickx, who finished second and freely admitted that there was just no way he could catch the Frenchman.

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The Scalextric model


Let's start preferably from a white C.051 Scalextric, either one of your own vintage cars or bought on eBay, that firstly will be put into pieces.
After a respray of the body in white, painting the red part (spray or brush) is relatively easy as the red/white delimitation is provided by the body moulding seams. Let the white painting dry for a couple of days or even more before applying the masking tape.

Then, there are a few things you can do in order to improve resemblance with the real Monaco car :
-- Add two vertical fins on the rear spoiler (cut off in plastic card)
-- Enlarge a bit the air opening in front of the front axle and add a small windscreen (cut off in plastic card)
-- Fill the rear wheels with some king of filler
-- Enlarge the driver's helmet before painting and decorating it

and don't forget to mount full wet tires !

The problem of the too short wheelbase of the Scalextric model has already been treated (see the BRM P153 page).

And that's it !

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Here is a another original Scalex that you'll be happy and pride to race or put on display, especially if, like me, you've always been fascinated by the pure beauty and the elegance of BRM F1 cars (bis repetita placent, isn't it ?).

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