1969 was the first year with Porsche 917 cars participating to the Le Mans 24 Hours race. In addition to the two official 917 LH (Lang Heck) entered by Porsche for Elford/Attwood (N° 12) and Stommelen/Ahrens (N° 14), a third one was entered by John Woolfe, a British gentleman driver who owned his own private racing team.The deal with Porsche was finalized in the days preceding the race. The car was to be driven by John of course and Digby Martland, who used to drive John's cars. But after having went off the road (without damage) during a practice session, Digby declined his participation, concerned by the difficulty to master such a powerful car at high speed. He was replaced, as second pilot, by Herbert Linge, a test driver for Porsche. Quite logically, the distinctive colours of the John Woolfe Racing team (medium blue with two longitudinal yellow stripes were painted onto the car. For those keen of slot racing, note that John’s helmet used to be painted blue, with the two yellow stripes.

John took the start but unfortunately his beautiful car could not be admired very long by the Le Mans 24 hours spectators as it was destroyed in a tragic crash in the very first lap of the race, which caused death of its unfortunate driver.