The 335 S, with its four liter V12 engine, is certainly one of the most typical sport cars of the fifties. The one represented here (chassis number 0646) was one of the four official 335 S entered by Ferrari in the 1957 Mille Miglia open road race (Brescia - Rome - Brescia) for Alfonso (Fon) de Portago and his close friend Edmund (Ed) Nelson acting as navigator. It carries a lot of emotion since, whereas the car was in third position, an horrible fatal crash happened when a front tyre exploded at less than 40 miles of the arrival in Brescia, causing death of not only Fon and Ed, but also 10 spectators. This tragic accident also meant the end of the Mille Miglia race, and a long trial for Enzo Ferrari.

The winner of that last edition of the Mille Miglia will be another similar 335S with racing number 535 driven by Piero Taruffi alone on board who will obtain at last the triumph for which he had been racing for so many years.

For the model builder : 2 spoke knockoffs on front wheels, versus 3 spokes for the rear wheels -- 3 branch steering wheel (the 4 branch one was rather used by British drivers) -- license plate : 81825 Bo (Bologna).