Yeoman Credit
Ltd was a credit company, owned by three brothers, fanatic of car racing. As a means to promote their company, they decided to sponsor the British Racing Partnership (B.R.P.) for the 1960 F1 season. B.R.P. was a private car racing team created in 1958 by Alfred Moss and Ken Gregory (father and manager of Stirling Moss respectively). Brand new Coopers T51 with Climax engines were bought to compete in the F1 world championship.

Yeoman Credit Coopers retained the distinctive "meadow green" B.R.P. livery already seen in 1959 (remember the BRM P25 driven by Stirling that year). In addition, for a reason I admit I don't know, noses together with a longitudinal stripe were painted in a bright red color, making the cars still more recognizable on circuits. A really original color scheme indeed, never seen before.

Three cars were entered in most 1960 GP races, with mixed success. Unfortunately,
Chris Bristow, a promising young British driver, after a fantastic race at Monaco, was victim of a fatal crash at the wheel of its Cooper during the ill-fated Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps, less than a month later. After American Harry Shell killed in a non-championship race at Silverstone, this led Yeoman Credit to put an end to their partnership with B.R.P. at the end of the 1960 season.

Drivers during the 1960 F1 championship :

Chris Bristow
Tony Brooks
Olivier Gendebien
Bruce Halford
Henry Taylor

Dan Gurney
Dennis Hulme
Phil Hill

Harry Shell

Yeoman Credit Ltd will remain as the first “extrasportif” sponsor in car racing.