Make your waterslide decals yourself

Should you be a model builder or restorer, a slot racing enthusiast or simply a model car collector, the ability to produce yourself your own decal sets to meet your needs is a major opportunity obviously opening new roads, as it gives you much more freedom in defining your restoration or scratch building projects. Then, you're no longer limited by the existing choice of commercially available decals.The today computer technology makes it feasible and affordable, a well parametered inkjet printer being able to print out quality water-slide decals suitable for use in repainting, relivering and scratch building projects.

You will find on this site a number of vintage race car models that have been decorated using REISSORG® decals. Most are 1/32 slotcars as my own vintage Scalextric were the initial target when I started making decals, a few years ago. I’ve now put a definite end to my decals activity, meaning that I’m not in a position to produce and provide decal sets any longer. However, I thought it might be worth keeping this website available so that some of you could share my experience and hopefully find some benefits from it.
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Four-view car profiles

Drawing multiple-view car profiles is another facet of my passion for vintage race cars, a hobby time consuming but rewarding. It's really a good way to gain a better familiarity with a given car, as it forces you to chase documentation and archives for getting details right. A good opportunity to get back, often with a lot of nostalgy, to race cars, events and drivers that made me dream in my youth …

I wouldn't want to redo what is already available on the web, as it would not have so much interest, so I try to select cars not overpictured on the web and that were so significant and memorable to me, for various reasons, often emotional, that I still remember them very well. The drawings are accompanied by a short presentation and a bit of history and sometimes anecdotes. In short, a good means I think to retain the memory of a few mythical race cars of the golden fifties and sixties era.

Now, should you have spotted some inaccuracies, errors or omissions on the drawings, or simply have questions or comments about them, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll be happy to make the appropriate corrections (CONTACT option in the yellow menu).

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CHEVROLET Corvette C1 "Cunningham" 8th place at the 1960 Le Mans 24 Hours (John Fitch / Bob Grossmann)

FERRARI 250GT Long Wheelbase 1958 Tour de France winner (Olivier Gendebien / Lucien Bianchi)

FORD GT40 MkI 1960 Le Mans 24 Hours (Guy Ligier / Bob Grossmann)

BRM Type 25, 1959 Dutch GP winner (Jo Bonnier)


SCARAB formula 1 -
1960 Monaco (Lance Reventlow)